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At Addiction No More, we strive to help people find the best drug rehab centers around the country. People that complete inpatient treatment have a significantly better chance of remaining abstinent from drugs or alcohol. Long term drug rehab centers that last for 60 to 90 days, give the best success rates for the long time drug or alcohol abuser. When looking for a drug rehab, be sure to look outside of your area as well as locating a drug rehab near you. This will give you better choices for treatment and help you find an affordable inpatient drug rehab. You can call us toll free at 1-800-819-9973 for more information. We are ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Motivational Quotes for today

For help with drug or alcohol addiction please contact us today. 1-800-513-5423

New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. ~Lao Tzu

Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you will become.  

Start each day with positive thoughts

Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Low Cost Treatment

Low Cost Drug Rehabilitation Centers help line has compiled a list of all the Affordable Drug Rehabilitation Centers throughout the country. Our goal is to help you find the best Treatment for Addiction at an affordable rate. Most Drug Rehab centers can be out of the reach for most Americans looking for Treatment for Addiction. We will help you. Our Staff is waiting on your call.

Low Cost and Affordable Treatment for Addiction does not mean that the treatment your receive is not good. Most Treatment for Addiction in an inpatient setting can cost anywhere from $3000 a month to $50000 a month. The higher the cost does not always translate into higher success for treatment. Some of the better Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the country are the lower cost Facilities. The type of Treatment for Addiction at an affordable Drug Rehabilitation Center will usually be the same as entering into a luxury type of a setting. The only difference that we have found in Treatment for Addiction is the amenities and activities.

Most people entering into a Drug Rehabilitation Center are there to handle their Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol, they are not on a Vacation or visiting a Spa. The best Drug Rehabilitation Centers deal with the root cause or causes of Addiction and help the client figure out where, when and why this Addiction has taken over their lives. Once this has been discovered and handled we need to learn how not to fall into the same trap once again.

Our goal is to help you find the right Affordable Treatment Program that will help either you or a loved one overcome their addiction. When looking for a Low Cost Drug Rehabilitation Center make sure that the center is able to handle all the needs of the individual entering into treatment. There are different types of treatment available at the Affordable treatment centers for addiction that we have selected.

 Low Cost Detox Programs and affordable Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs are hard to find. We have compiled a list of these types of programs to fit anyone's budget. Some of the low Cost Drug Rehabilitation centers have financing available for those who qualify.

The decision to enter into a Drug Rehab Program that is low cost is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Please give a call and we will help you enter into an Affordable Treatment program and get you started on the road to recovery. There is no good time to enter into a low Cost Recovery program so you need to make the choice NOW before it is too late. Our Counselors have helped thousands of people just like you either get a loved one or even yourself into an Affordable Drug Rehabilitation Center. Don't put off treatment.  We are here to help you start the road to Recovery Today

                   Call Now, Our counselors are here to help you


   Drug and alcohol addiction effects and estimated 40+ million people in the United States and with the economy the way it has been the last few years that number is rising. Getting into treatment can be seemingly impossible for those seeking help for addiction

     With our economy in turmoil and the onset of the Affordable Healthcare Act we have found that many people have lost coverage for treatment through their insurance carriers. The need for affordable and low cost treatment options for addiction has never been greater. Let us help you figure out if in fact you are covered for treatment, and what your coverage is. There are options for treatment for those that have minimal coverage for treatment at one of our affordable Treatment centers.

   When speaking with any intake counselor it is very important to stress the want, need, and desire to stop the addiction that is troubling your life. Having the person that is looking for help talk directly to the counselor can sometimes open door to other options for treatment that would not normally be there. We have helped people, that would have never been able to afford a inpatient treatment center get into some of the best treatment centers in the country with little or even no payment. By expressing the severity of the situation and the desire for the individual to get help some treatment centers have grants and work study programs that they have set aside for special cases.

 We are here to help.  All of our counselors have faced the same challenges when looking for their own treatment for addiction. Most people that have let drugs and or alcohol overcome their lives are not financially secure and do not have insurance to cover the cost of treatment. Addiction No More affordable treatment centers helpline has been helping people for 12 years find the treatment that they need to overcome addiction.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Warning signs of emotional abuse

Warning signs of emotional abuse
By K.A.E Grove

Source: Internalize
When we think about domestic abuse, most often the image that comes to mind is one of a battered woman, a bruised face, a cut lip, broken bones and blood. And while this image is a true one it often overshadows its partner in crime…emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is all about control and power, and an abusive personality will often use fear, rejection, money and many other tactics to gain the upper-hand in the relationship all without lifting a violent hand.

Being a psychological attack the pain and scars of emotional abuse are hidden on the inside, eroding away a person’s self-esteem and emotional security on every level, making it that much easier to hide from others, which only isolates and feeds the problem.

Knowing the signs of emotional abuse


Controlling all the money in a relationship, deciding on how its spent, withholding money, taking your money and even preventing you from working so you don’t earn your own money are all signs of control and one of the signs of emotional abuse.

At first it may seem like a relief not to have to worry about paying the bills, but everything you need will have to come from your partner making you dependent on him (or her) , and limiting your financial ability to leave anytime.


Withholding affection, lack of appreciation, holding back approvals, ignoring conversations and even rejecting your very presence, are all ways that an emotional abuser may punish you if you ever displease them.

Attacking your self-esteem they prey on your love for them, your need and want to make them happy, they use to manipulate you into the behaviour that they want, only giving any love and affection when you have pleased them in the way that they want.


Verbal abuse can at times be hard to discern, as it’s not always done with mean swear words, it can often be done under the guise of loving advice, all meant to undermine and damage your self-esteem, all the while proclaiming to only want to help. Of course there are many forms verbal abuse can take. Criticising, name calling, shouting swearing general put downs in private and public are all forms of verbal abuse and within an intimate relationship clear signs of emotional abuse.

Attacking your sense of worth on all levels, verbal abuse will erode away your levels of resistance, in the end becoming your own worst critic, as you may start to believe you deserve everything they say.


Threatening to leave, report to the authorities, call your parents, violence, and reveal your secrets and many more threats like it are all said with the intent to control you through fear of emotional, social or physical reprisal.

All threats of violence should be taken seriously as emotional abuse is often the first step to a physically abusive relationship.


Stopping or limiting how much contact you have with family and friends, controlling when and how you go out, may even try to move you to a new place away from any support network you may have, undermining any friends and family that you do have, twisting things they say or do to make them look untrustworthy or even enemies to you and your love.

Again this is clear controlling behaviour, which will leave you totally dependent on your partner.

Without family and friends you will have more time to spend with each other, but you also lose the ability to seek advice from anyone but your partner, and with no one else to disagree with him (or her) their control and emotional abuse will escalate


Fear is a powerful motivator, and it can sneak into a relationship quietly and before you realise it has snuck into your everyday.

Fear of telling your partner about a new bill, trouble the kids are in, being scared to talk about the most basic needs of the household, always wanting everything to be perfect and worrying constantly that everything is the way they like it. Can make it a very tense environment to live in, smashing things, locking doors, punching walls and shouting can create an atmosphere of intense fear.

With this kind fear comes the need to appease, to avoid trouble at all costs, and to make what we fear happy, so as to avoid an outburst of anger or punishment. A Clear sign of being in an emotional abusive relationship


“It’s all your fault” minimising, denying and blaming. It’s rarely the emotional abusers fault, any action, anything that was said, the blame will always be with someone else and most of the time that someone else will be you.

By Playing down the abuse and making light of your concerns they have you second guessing your perceptions of events and even wondering if you indeed are the cause of the problem. This of course leaves them to carry on guilt-free.

After all it’s not their fault.

Charming stranger

Many abusers at first show only their most charming side, being the perfect partner for your situation. But the more the relationship grows the more obvious their other side becomes.

And often this other side is only showed when you’re alone. Snide hurtful comments, controlling behaviour, threats and the many of the things listed above becoming your normal. But when in public, around your family and friends he reverts back to the perfect gentleman that everyone wants to know.

So charming is this public stranger that you may think that no one will ever believe you if were to speak out or try to leave, creating even more fear of being alone and losing what you do have as everyone will take his or her side.

Emotional abuse can leave many scars; it can create self-doubt, a loss of enthusiasm, fear, depression and can in some cases even lead to suicide.

It is easy to see when reading this information what emotional abuse is. Yet when it comes to identifying such behaviours in our partners (or family members) it’s not always so clear cut.

Yet if you are living (or in a relationship) with someone who displays more than 2 of the above signs then you may be living in an emotional abusive relationship.

© K.A.E Grove  http://nighthag.hubpages.com/hub/Warning-signs-of-emotional-abuse

Friday, April 3, 2015

Information for Low Cost Drug Rehabilitation Centers

 Low cost Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol Help Line and Assessment is a free service to the public. For more information please call us at 1-800-513-5423 or visit our website at www.drugrehabservices.com

      For those seeking help with addiction the cost of private treatment a can be out of reach for most people seeking a Drug Rehab Center.  When seeking a treatment program for addiction the cost of treatment can seem out of reach and this can lead to a feeling of defeat. Most of the people that seek treatment in Alabama have found that the seemingly great treatment centers are just out of reach financially for them. When seeking treatment for addiction the cost should not outweigh the need for treatment in a residential drug rehab center. 

Are low Cost And Affordable Treatment Centers different from their high cost counterparts?

   Affordable treatment centers for addictions utilize the same treatment models and therapy types just like the  more expensive Treatment Centers. There are some differences in the amount of one on one  therapy that the low cost treatment centers offer. To offset the cost of treatment a low cost center will not have all the amenities that a expensive rehab has. The programs they offer are anywhere from 21 - 90 days long, we highly recommend staying at one of these centers for at least 28 days, if you can take the  time off a 90 day program is best.


        Can I even Afford to go to treatment? What is the cost involved?

    When looking to enter a low cost program there usually is some cost associated with receiving treatment at their center.

    Most of the treatment centers that are state funded come at a sliding fee scale and based on income and need at the time of intake. The cost can range from nothing to around 1000 dollars to help cover food and housing while in treatment.

    Private Low Cost Treatment centers are usually a smaller centers and this lowers the cost due to location and type of amenities offered. These programs are the better option for those who can afford it. They usually range from about 1500-7000 dollars a month for treatment. 

    The  average price of treatment at a private treatment center is around 15 thousand a month. some of the more expensive programs or what they call the best drug rehab centers can be upwards of 60 thousand a month. But fear not we have options.

      I have Medicaid or Medicare are there centers that take that insurance? 

    Finding a private treatment center that will take Medicaid or Medicare can be difficult but there are State funded options that will take your insurance for treatment at their center.

Access to Recovery Vouchers

     ATR or Access to Recovery is a federally funded program that offers treatment options. You can choose from their list of contracted providers. Some other programs can be accepted if the need of the client can not be met at one of their treatment centers. To access this service you must be below the 2010 poverty level for your region. 

What if the Person does not want help for their addiction?

     Getting a person that does not want help the treatment that they need can be a bit tricky to accomplish by yourself. Getting an interventionist to help the family is the best option for achieving the desired outcome. Interventions usually are done by a certified interventionists and can vary in cost anywhere from 500 and  up to 5000  for the intervention process.

   Where do I  sign up for low cost treatment?

    There are a few questions that we would like to ask you in order to help you get informed as to your options for treatment. To find you the best treatment center that you can afford, please fill out the form below and one of our counselors will get back with you in 24-48 hours. For immediate assistance call our free help line and one of our counselors will work with you to get you started on the path of recovery from drugs or alcohol Today.

1-800-513-5423 www.drugrehabservices.com