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Monday, October 12, 2015

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

perscription drug addiction help for christians                                           

How does prescription drug abuse begin ?
Prescription drug abuse begins usually when a person is prescribed a drug by their doctor for a legitimate medical problem. Most people who find themselves addicted to prescription drugs have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. They may take an opiate for pain, a sedative to sleep or a benzo for anxiety, because it makes them feel better. As time goes by, the rate in which the drug works seems less and less, so the frequency of the drug intake gets shorter or the amount that is needed to feel the same way is increased. Soon, the body is needing the drug increasingly more and more. This is where the addiction kicks in.
Most Christians that find themselves needing to handle a prescription drug addiction feel ashamed and helpless, as they need to continue to take the drugs in order to function and live their lives. 
The rate of prescription drug abuse has risen by over 150% since the early 90’s. While these drugs are prescribed by doctors and handed out by pharmacists most people do not understand the drugs can be highly addictive if not taken  as prescribed. The abuse of prescription drugs can be more difficult to detox from than street drugs. Some prescriptions can even have life threatening consequences for those who just stop the use of the drug. 
The problem is more widespread than previously thought, recognizing the signs of abuse may save you or a loved one the painful detox from these types of drugs.

Using drugs that are not prescribed to the person taking the drugs.
Prescription painkillers are only meant to be used for the specific reason they are prescribed and the dosage is laid out so there is no problem stopping the drugs. If a person is using a pain killer to just relax, deal with stressful situations or fall asleep, this is a sign that there might be a problem that needs to be handled.
If you see more than one prescription from different doctors or have several different medications to handle the same problem, you may need to look more closely into the problem. Shopping for doctors is a huge sign that there is a problem. Doctor shopping refers to a person going to different doctors in order to gain access to more medications for the same or similar ailment, usually for painkillers or anxiety medications.
Having to get prescription drugs for a source other than a doctor is also a sign of addiction to prescription medication. Often times, you will notice that the medications in the home start to disappear at a more rapid rate than you would expect. Many people that become addicted to painkillers are not getting them from doctors and rely on family and friends for the source of their drugs. They may pay someone for their medications or just take some from the bottle in hopes that it will not be missed.
Confronting someone with concerns over prescription drug abuse can be difficult but the alternative could quite possible be life threatening if  ignored.
 If you suspect that someone that is close to you or even yourself might have a problem with prescription drugs give us a call and we will discuss the options available to you to and get the prescription abuse under control.

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