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Private Drug Treatment

Private Drug Treatment programs can be expensive, but you will receive the highest quality care and private rooms, at some of the facilities, while receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Private recovery centers have a lower staff to patient ratio allowing more one on one treatment to be administered while enrolled in a private treatment program. Having to operate for profit, unlike state run facilities, this makes them accountable to deliver the best results possible. finding a private recovery program in your state or region that fits your needs can be difficult though so it may be necessary to seek private treatment outside of your area. If you are in need of treatment or looking for a private treatment program for a loved one give us a call and we can refer you to the best drug or alcohol treatment program and get you the help you need.

For those struggling with either addiction to alcohol or other drugs there are great private drug rehab center options throughout  the country. Private drug rehabs can be expensive, but you will receive the highest quality care and private rooms at some of the facilities while receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Regardless of your financial or social status addiction and the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol does not discriminate. Once a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, there is almost always depression that soon follows addiction and the need for treatment becomes a necessity. While in Treatment at an inpatient private rehab center the client receives scheduled focused treatment plans in an environment that is conducive to the healing process. Private room rehab centers allow for reflection after therapy without the distractions of a roommate. Making the right choice, requires educating yourself, as to which private treatment program is right for you or a loved one.

Choosing treatment options Inpatient treatment vs. outpatient treatment.
If you are looking for treatment for yourself or maybe someone that is close to you having all the facts concerning the addiction can help us determine if there is even a need for inpatient treatment at a private drug treatment program. Residential drug rehab facilities are more expensive and have a minimum time requirement for receiving treatment.

If any or all of these apply to the individual, you should look into private rehab treatments

Long history of drug or alcohol abuse

Failed attempts at inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment

No family or friend support close to the person needing help

Underlying psychiatric condition ( depression, personality disorders, anxiety issues)
need for confidentiality

How do I find an effective residential treatment program that specifically addresses my addiction?

     When evaluating treatment centers it is important to make sure that your addiction can be handled at the facility that you choose. Different drugs can require different treatment models as well as detoxification to make the treatment effective.

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 What can be Treated

Inpatient treatment programs set their treatment focus on the two main aspects of treatment:

 Alcohol or drug abuse and behavioral conditions. These two main areas of concern can often times be the reason for the other condition. The first step in the treatment process is detox- Private detox centers help the person by first limiting access to the substance of abuse, often times this can be done without medications and letting the body rid itself of the harmful substance. Medications may be necessary depending on several factors and will be administered to the client in strict scheduled intervals due to the fact that some withdrawal medications can be habit forming. Some drugs like Heroin or opiate based drugs will usually require a full medication assisted detox protocol.

The length of treatment at an Inpatient treatment program

The stay necessary for treatment at a private room rehab program can vary from treatment program to treatment program. Program length is usually  in 30-90 day intervals, with some programs lasting as long as a year. 30 day treatment programs are typically for people seeking treatment that have had no prior attempts or underlying psychiatric conditions.

Traveling for treatment or staying close to home

In some cases traveling for treatment can be a good choice and in other cases it may be a hindrance to the recovery process. Traveling for treatment can be helpful to those seeking complete confidentiality, or just need to get away from the area that they were using in. For those that need an intervention to get them to agree to enter treatment, getting them a plane flight away removes the temptation to check themselves out of treatment before the program is completed.

Paying for a private room treatment program

A obstacle for some people wanting a private room while undergoing treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol is paying for the treatment . Often times treatment can cost thousands of dollars. Some treatment programs do offer financing options or Insurance may cover most, if not all of the costs associated with treatment at a private facility.

Benefits of receiving private treatment over state funded type treatment centers.

Less conflict and disruptions. A private bed treatment center reserves the right to set their own rules as to the handling of disruptive clients that become hostile towards staff or other patients before there is an incident. A private center has the right to refuse service to patients if it is in the best interest of the center to maintain a high level of respect and peace for those that are dedicated and focused on their own recovery.

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Are residential treatment centers confidential?

We have found that some treatment centers are better at confidentiality than others. There are treatment centers that hide their true identity as resorts and vacation rentals to help people that need anonymity. People that need this level of privacy might want to look into these types of programs so no one finds out that they are looking for treatment to handle their drug or alcohol addiction.
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